Month: August 2023

Safety Tips When Wiring For Outlets

Adding an outlet to an existing wall is a common home wiring project. However, any work involving the main service panel requires skill and knowledge of safety practices. Wire connections to an electrical box should be made using pigtails, short lengths of NM wire that you twist together with a pair of lineman pliers. This…

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Breaker Panel Installations

Your breaker panel is the heart of your home's electrical system. Before work begins, shut off power to the main breaker in your service panel. The breaker panel is usually a large metal box that distributes electricity to circuits throughout your home. It houses a number of switches and is typically covered by a dead…

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Why an inverter generator?

Why an inverter generator? Generators generate electricity by converting gasoline or propane to electrical energy. It also has an inverter, DC rectifiers, and an alternator to convert that energy into usable electrical power. It also uses a harmonic distortion filter to remove AC current. This is important because distorted signals can damage sensitive devices such…

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